Lukas Wolfsteiner

Career Objective

Results-driven software engineer with a proven ability to develop and deliver high-quality software solutions in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment.

Proficient in multiple programming languages and frameworks, with experience in agile methodologies and DevOps practices.

Passionate about information theory and philosophy, with a deep understanding of how these disciplines inform and influence software development.

Strong analytical thinker with a passion for problem-solving and a commitment to continuous learning and improvement.

Work Experience

Full-Stack Developer & IT-Sysadmin

As part of the project, an existing web platform was extended with a component for in-house document and file management to reduce paperwork and administrative friction for company management.

My tasks included planning, designing, and developing the document management system as well as fully integrating it with the existing web platform. Additionally, I was responsible for testing, deployment, and maintenance.

For the frontend, I used VueJS & Vuetify technologies, implemented the RESTful API in the Spring Boot Java backend, and used PostgreSQL & Hibernate for the database layer.

Version control was carried out via Atlassian Jira and BitBucket. The project was successfully deployed and commissioned.

Technologies Used: Vue.js (TypeScript), Vuetify (UI), Spring Boot (Java), Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Atlassian

Working Student Software Engineer

As a student assistant and software developer at the Coordination Office for Data Processing in Administration at the State Universities of Applied Sciences in Bavaria (Germany), I was given the task to develope a internally used web platform for data management and administration.

The project involved tasks such as requirement analysis, data modeling, UI concept, web application development with C# and JavaScript, and use of GUI frameworks such as ASP.NET Core MVC and Bootstrap 4.

I mapped the data model using Entity Framework Core and Microsoft SQL Server and implemented continuous test-driven development using the MSTest unit testing framework.

Throughout the project, I worked closely with the responsible domain expert and proved that I could integrate complex changes through clean refactoring in existing source code.

Letter of Recommendation

Technologies Used: ASP.NET Core MVC (C#), MSTest, Bootstrap, Entity Framework Core, Microsoft SQL Server

Public references

DockerHub - Maintaining and administrating several Docker container images publicly available on DockerHub, ensuring their reliability and availability to the user community. Monitoring and resolving issues related to the container images, working collaboratively with users to troubleshoot problems and provide technical support. Updating and optimizing container images to improve their functionality and performance, incorporating feedback from users and following best practices for Docker container management.


FlightAware Active Network Contributor
FlightAware International 2022 - present

Contributing to the FlightAware network by running a FlightFeeder, a device that listens for radio signals from ADS-B aircraft transponders and descodes them to determine aircraft positions.

FlightAware uses this data to provide real-time flight tracking to the public, to help airlines and operators improve efficiency and promote aviation safety.

Bidirectional Translator
Crowdin & GitHub 2014 - present

Translate open-source projects into German and English on Crowdin and GitHub, contributing to the localization efforts of various non-profit organizations and community-driven projects.

Providing high-quality translations, collaborating with other volunteer translators to ensure consistency and accuracy in translations. Assisting in the review and proofreading of translations, ensuring that they are of the highest quality.